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Klemral was a male Human student at the Sith Academy on Korriban during the Cold War.


Along with being weak, Klemral was considered a coward and wasn't talented as a Sith. Along with the other acolytes, Klemral was assigned by Darth Baras to collect shards from the Tomb of Tulak Hord. However, this test was meant to be dangerous, and if those that gave up, will be killed by the Sith Lord as punishment. Klemral had a bad feeling that he was going to die in this dangerous assignment which Baras gave them. During his assignment, Klemral tried to get through into the tomb, but there were too many shyracks for him too handle. As the rest of the acolytes were killed, Klemral was able to escape from the tomb, but he was scared what Baras was going to do to him.

When the Sith Warrior returned to the academy to deliver the shards to Baras, Klemral figured that he would ambush the acolyte and take the shards without facing death. He stood along with two acolytes and engaged the Sith Warrior in a duel, in which they lost. After the Sith Acolytes were killed, Klemral apologized since he made a terrible mistake by engaging the Sith Warrior. He begged for his life and explained that he couldn't get through into the tomb. Realizing that this mission was futile, Klemral knew that joining the Sith was a big mistake. The Sith Warrior eventually kills him rather then letting him live.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Sith Warrior has three options: he/she would kill, spare or help Klemral. For the dark side, the Sith Warrior would simply kill him. If the warrior chooses one of the light side options, to just spare his life, Klemral is grateful, and he decides he would probably join a mad hermit in the tombs, to become one of his acolytes. In the other light side option, the warrior would give Klemral the shards he got from the tomb and he/she would just return to the tomb to get another handful of shards, while Klemral would also face Baras. However, Baras sees through this deception, and since the warrior helped him, he/she is asked to dictate his fate once more. If the warrior chooses to spare his life a second time, Baras would send him to serve under Jailer Knash in the academy prison. While the warrior gets his companion Vette out of prison, to help him in his final trial in the Tomb of Naga Sadow, he is told that Klemral never reported in his new assignment. Deep in the tomb, when the warrior is about to be ambushed by Vemrin, Klemral makes his appearance, warning him and jumping in front of the merciful warrior. Vemrin reminds Klemral he is weak, and proves it by instantly killing him with a slash of his warblade.