"I'm Sergeant Klewer. Risha says "hello"."

Klewer was a male Neimoidian sergeant in the Republic Military during the Cold War. He was stationed on Taris as part of the restoration effort, during which time he also took to smuggling certain valuables past his superiors. He was in contact with Risha Drayen when she sent the Voidhound to Taris to gather certain item from a vault in Zone Zero. The Voidhound caught the attention of the Republic Customs Office Agent Soganti, and Risha tasked Klewer with providing the captain with means to leave Taris safely. To that end, Klewer offered the Voidhound to arrange the forged papers that would last for enough time to leave the planet without a Customs inspection, but also asked the Voidhound to perform a task for him in return.