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"For Yabaley."
―Klin-Fa Gi[src]

Klin-Fa Gi was a Human female Jedi Knight who served during the Yuuzhan Vong War. She wielded a gold lightsaber.


Klin and Cilghal

Klin-Fa Gi and Cilghal at the Conclave on Zonama Sekot.

Born on Bonadan, Gi was glad to escape offworld and join the New Jedi Order, training alongside Yabeley and Bey Gandan, both of whom developed attractions to her. Along with Gandan, she was presumed killed in the Battle of Gyndine, though in reality they survived, finding a qahsa filled with information on a Yuuzhan Vong plot to create anti-Jedi weapons and destroy the bacta on Thyferra.

Jedi Master Luke Skywalker hired Uldir Lochett and the crew of the No Luck Required to recover Gi, but she discovered the plot and escaped, fleeing to Wayland. Investigating Yuuzhan Vong activity there, she was captured along with her two male companions, and they were tortured, with Yabeley dying. Lochett tracked her and helped free the other Jedi from Chom-Vrone, and were able to flee off world. However, they discovered too late that Gandan had been injected with a poison that, when released, would kill the bacta-producing alazhi trees. After a long battle, Gi and Lochett killed Gandan and destroyed the virus.

She was one of the survivors of the war that was called to a meeting of the New Jedi Order on Zonama Sekot by Grand Master Skywalker.

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