Klorr Vilia was a male Human botanist who helped the Ithorian Zorneth develop the savorium herb. While trying to create a new kind of herb, they made the savorium and Vilia tried it to see what it did. Klorr's mind was then replaced with nothing but peace and joy. After this he was often referred to as Smiley due to the perpetual grin on his face. He was then constantly pursued by Targonnians loyal to the dictator Craw, who wanted to use Vilia to discover the secret of savorium. He escaped and continually eluded Craw before the Targonnian could retrieve the information from his mind. Later, when Zorneth tried to mass produce it, Klorr Vilia sacrificed himself to destroy all the savorium herbs.

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Klorr Vilia

Klorr Vilia before becoming a "smiler".

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