Klydeker was a member of the Jedi Order who lived in 3963 BBY. He was also a member of the Jedi Covenant, a secret Jedi organization trying to prevent the returning of the Sith, and was completely loyal to its founder, Krynda Draay.


Haazen giving an order to Garragor and Klydeker

When Jedi Master Xamar brought fugitive padawan Zayne Carrick inside the Draay Estate, he, along with many other Jedi, was present at the confrontation between Zayne and his former master, Lucien Draay. It was at this time that Krynda's aide Haazen asked Klydeker and his fellow Jedi Garragor to fetch diagnostic equipment from the big red case present nearby. Little did they know that the case also contained Sith artifacts, until Haazen usurped the position of the leader of the Covenant and revealed himself as a servant of the dark side of the Force.

He was later seen lying next to Garragor in a courtyard, struck down by Haazen after attempting to stop his madness.


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