Klyn Shanga of the Renatasian Confederation was Fleet Admiral during the Battle of ThonBoka. He was a former ally of Rokur Gepta.

During the battle, Shanga hunted Lando Calrissian and Vuffi Raa, on the belief that Vuffi Raa was responsible for the betrayal of his world to the Empire. When Calrissian and Vuffi Raa faced off, Gepta was distracted by Klyn, who realized that the traitor was not Vuffi Raa, but Rokur Gepta's advisor, Osuno Whett. Klyn Shanga and his Renatasians took over Whett's pinnace, and caused it to crash into Gepta's cruiser, the Wennis. Osuno was killed in the explosion.

As flight leader of the two dozen pilots who made up the Confederation, Shanga went by the callsign 'Zero Leader'.



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