The Knell of Muspilli was a death cult that was originated in the region known as the Gunninga Gap in the Unknown Regions. Sometime before the destruction of the artifact known as the Taurannik Codex in 100,000 BBY, the Knell's cultists transcribed the Codex's contents in hopes of calling forth apocalyptic deities from beyond the Gap.[3] At one point during their history, the Knell battled the Warriors of Shadow, a sisterhood of Taung cultists, above a moon in the Unknown Regions.[1] The two cults eventually merged along with a third philosophical school, the Kanzer Exiles, over the course of thousands of years on the worlds of the Nihil Retreat region.[3] The Knell reemerged around the time of the Clone Wars around 22 BBY, at which time they continued to claim the ability to summon apocalyptic deities from beyond shadows.

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The Knell of Muspilli was first mentioned in the 2010 reference guide The Unknown Regions.[1]



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