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The Knights of Zakuul, also known as the Zakuul Knights, was an order of Force-sensitive warriors who served Valkorion, the Emperor of the Eternal Empire. They differed from both Jedi and Sith, believing in using the Force only to enforce justice.

After the downfall of the Eternal Empire, the Knights were welcomed into the newly formed Eternal Alliance to act as the personal guards to the Alliance leaders.


Zakuul Knights philosophy is different from that of the Jedi or Sith, since their only purpose was to enforce justice and serve the Immortal Emperor. Knights have their own relationships with the Force but are encouraged to share their findings with the rest of the order. Every action a Knight takes is to honor their Emperor[10]


The Knights used several different forms of weapons. Most notable was the lightsaber pike, which they usually wielded with a blaster bolt reflecting shield. The Knights were also seen utilizing lightsabers and double-bladed lightsabers. Their blade color was almost always blue, except for a special type of cyborg Knights who were found in the Star Fortresses, who were seen with an orange blade, and the Exarchs who wielded a range of colors varying between blue, green, purple, orange, red, and yellow.


Zakuul Knights had various different sects within the order. These sects ranged from Exarchs to cyborg Knights who were both found commonly on a Star Fortress. Different sects of the order were also seen wielding different colored armor. The variations were usually between gold, silver, white and black.


The Exarchs were an elite branch of the Zakuul Knights. Exarchs were Knights who received both biological and cybernetic upgrades or implants and were the overseers of massive space stations known as Star Fortresses, operating as a combination of military governor and religious leader over planets claimed by the Eternal Empire. Exarchs were known to have worn enhanced or upgraded variants of the standard Knight armor. Exarchs were also known to have wielded a lightsaber pike, which varied in blade color, as well as a blaster-bolt deflection shield. The lightsaber pike's blade color was recorded as blue, purple, yellow, red and orange. Exarchs were known for their strong connection and ability in the Force, able to perform feats such as charging themselves with solar energy and redirecting it towards a specific target. They were also able to produce Force hallucinations that plagued an enemy combatant and often weakened their resolve.

Cyborg KnightsEdit

The Zakuul Knights maintained what appeared to have been an all cybernetic section of the order. Members of this order were cybernetically enhanced to augment their combat capabilities. In combat, they often wielded lightsabers that had an orange blade. The Cyborg Knights were known to be stationed on the Star Fortresses.

Honor GuardEdit

Knights of Zakuul

A group of Zakuulan Knights

During the reign of the Immortal Emperor Valkorion, there was a contingent of Knights that served as his Honor Guard. The Honor Guard was seen both inside the Eternal Throne room, as well as in the passages leading into the throne room. After the death of Valkorion, is it unclear whether or not there was an Honor Guard under Emperor Arcann. Members of the Honor Guard wielded a blue lightsaber pike and carried a blaster-bolt resistant shield. Members of the Guard apparently wore the regular Zakuul Knight armor.


When Empress Vaylin was killed and the Alliance Commander took the throne, the Zakuulan force users were left without a cause. But just like their comrades in the regular military, they were offered a place in the rising superpower. Under the Eternal Alliance, the rules and code of the Knights were left to the knights themselves, instead of being dictated by the now defunct role of Eternal Emperor or High Justice. This, however, didn't change much, and the warriors continued their ways of knighthood just as they did under the Eternal Empire. Their jobs remained the same as well, acting as guards to Alliance leaders and prominent Alliance locations such as the base on Odessen. Their armor and weapons stayed with them, their iconic silver and gold armors and lightsaber pikes continuing use.



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