The Knights of the Core were a humanocentric terrorist group that was active around 32 BBY. That year, a local branch of the Knights stationed on Naboo planned on smuggling a clodhopper-infested cargo onto Stend IV. Their target was a specific continent of that planet which was home to a large colony of Elomins and Grans. However, the Republic Intelligence learned about that threat, and a team was sent to Naboo to foil the terrorists' plans. It was discovered that the Chief of Security at the Kwilaan Starport on Naboo was in league with the Knights of the Core, and the Republic agents were only able to destroy the tainted cargo after traveling to Stend IV themselves.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Knights of the Core were created as part of "The Defoliation Agenda," an adventure idea included in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game supplement book Secrets of Naboo. That short story was included to give game masters ideas for their own story lines or to be expanded upon and used as the basis for a short adventure.[1]


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