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"Ugh. Huh. You know, I don’t ask. They just bring it to me. Something about scraping the lichen rocks from the dead buttes down in the south. I hear tell they pickle it in fuel barrels or some such."
―Ergel explains what Knockback Nectar is[src]

Knockback Nectar was a strong alcoholic beverage made and served on the desert planet Jakku. It was the only drink served by the bartender Ergel at his bar on Jakku, and was given to customers in an oil can. He claimed the drink was strong enough to get a space slug drunk and believed that it was made from lichen that had been scraped from rocks on buttes in the south and then pickled in a fuel barrel, although he generally did not ask those who brought it to him exactly what is was. When the human Corwin Ballast stopped at Ergel's bar, he drank a can of Knockback Nectar which caused his teeth to buzz, his gums to go numb and stripped his voice raw. The beverage was the color of hydraulic fluid and had spongy, bobbing, floating bits in it. It tasted of sour spit with an aftertaste similar to motor oil.[1]

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Knockback Nectar first appeared in the novel Aftermath, which was written by Chuck Wendig and released in 2015.


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