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Knotts was a male human from the Core Worlds. In 29 BBY, he relocated to the planet of Lantillies. He established himself as a middleman, bringing clients in want of goods or services together with freelance spacers, taking a credit percentage on each transaction.[1]

During the Clone Wars, Knotts also acted as a subcontractor for the Intelligence agency of the Galactic Republic, operating under the supervision of Dodd Rancit. He was responsible for the secret transport of weapons and other useful materials to resistance groups, trained by station chief Berch Teller, that operated on worlds occupied by the enemy Confederacy of Independent Systems, including Antar 4.[1]

After the Republic was replaced by the Galactic Empire, a new age of oppression began. Eventually, Knotts joined a group of resistance fighters organized by Rancit, now a turncoat Vice Admiral, and led by Teller. His implication in the plot was eventually discovered by Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, who had him arrested and quietly executed after the operation's failure.[1]

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