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Knox was a male Nautolan Jedi Padawan living during the Clone Wars. He wielded a blue lightsaber.


―Knox witnesses his master's murder at the hand of Savage Opress[src]

During the Clone Wars, Knox and Halsey fought in the Battle for the Temple of Eedit against Separatist forces on Devaron. The battle was in favor for the Republic but the sudden arrival of Savage Opress turned the tide. Halsey ordered his Padawan to stay back from the fighting, and engaged Opress by himself, but proved no match for the Zabrak, and was brutally killed. Witnessing his master's death, Knox charged Opress, but the much stronger warrior slashed the Nautolan across the chest, throwing him at the front door and ending the Padawan's life.[2]

Behind the scenes

Knox's body re-uses Bolla Ropal's geometry, but with newly textured finishes.[source?]



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