This article is about the planet sometimes called "Krin Koda". You may be looking for Krin Koda, after whom the planet was named.

Koda's World, sometimes referred to as Krin Koda after the scout of the same name was a planet located in the Unknown Regions, in the Tarin system. It is devoid of any advanced installations, as it is home to the primitive Tempestro. This temperate planet had warm, moist, breathable air.


Thousands of years ago, the planet was struck by a meteor. The Tempestro were unprepared technologically for such an event and thus most died in the dust cloud produced by the collision. The survivors built the Tempestro temple to preserve their knowledge. The Tempestro then forgot about their past and their roots and became a primitive tribal society of hunter-gatherers.[2]

Around 7 ABY Dhar Bullwin visited Koda's World, seeking the power in the temple. He was following a group of New Republic scouts who had unknowingly guided him to the planet. Bullwin was destroyed by the power in the temple and it was, too, afterward.[2]

Flora and faunaEdit


A swamp around 7 ABY. A primate can be seen as well as a forest in the background.

At the time of the New Republic, Koda's World featured jungles, stone mountains and deep oceans and seas. It featured an abundance of sky-high trees and vast forests and dense underbrush. The ancient trees reached from hundreds normally, such as near the Tempestro temple, to thousands of meters. Their fronds were roughly of the shape of a human hand, and, as expected, there was very little foliage near the surface. Sap also ran in many of these trees, leaving an odorous smell in the air. The planet also featured some swamps, where the vegetation was not as imposing as in the forests.[2]

The trees made this world in fact very similar to the forest-moon of Endor, being covered in shaggy, rust-colored bark and rising as columns from the surface. The planet can also be compared to Kashyyyk in some areas, for the ground in the taller forests block most of the light. Stone mountains and oceans and seas can also be found. The planet teemed with life, from insects to large mammals and reptiles such as the Garagon.[2]

Installations and civilizationEdit

Since the Tempestro were primitive, the only installations were at least one path through the forest, leading to the temple, the temple complex, and their own settlements.[2]


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