Kodi Vilthar was a male Human who worked as an assassin. At some point during galactic history, the crime lord Yustavan Dreezian hired Vilthar to murder the Corellian shipping magnate Cilyn Gara and Vilthar successfully carried out the assignment, by destroying a space transport that Gara was traveling aboard. Vilthar later made his way to the planet Chandrila, where he planned to meet with Dreezian. However, Vilthar was sighted and word of his presence on Chandrila reach Gara's daughter, Magda Gara, who hired a group of agents to capture Vilthar and take him to Corellia, so that the assassin could face justice for causing her father's death. In addition, Dreezian secretly planned to eliminate Vilthar, to prevent anyone from linking Cilyn Gara's death to Dreezian.