"You have a most excellent understanding of my situation. I congratulate you, Kodir of Kuhlvult. Your information sources—and your clever brain—have served you well. You do indeed have much to bargain with, to insure my assistance in tracking down this sister of yours who has strayed so mysteriously from her homeworld."
―Kuat of Kuat[src]

Kodir of Kuhlvult was named Kuat Drive Yards' head of security after she revealed the last head of security to be a spy. Although she revealed the man to be a spy, she herself was no better as she had deposed the last head only to further her own agenda. However, not long after she took the post, her sister, Kateel of Kuhlvult, reappeared, saying she remembered everything. Including the fact that Kodir had been the one who had betrayed her and ordered her mind to be brutally wiped of all of its memories. Kodir was taken into custody to face a tribunal of elders from the ruling Kuati families.