Koh'shak was a male Twi'lek and was a member of Clan Shak. Koh'shak worked for the Twi'lek Cazne'olan, helping handle negotiations for the whereabouts of Firith Olan between Rogue Squadron and Marl Semtin. Koh'shak judged a competition between the two factions in which Sixtus Quin and Septaas competed against Winter and Wedge Antilles. Sixtus won the competition, securing the information about Firith. However, Sixtus' commander, Semtin, had gone above the negotiations, bribing a high-up official on Kala'uun to get to Firith Olan regardless of the outcome of the competition.

Koh'shak served as the Starport Master of Kala'uun and posted a bounty for Theol Dunoche, a human freighter captain responsible for the theft of two Twi'lek slave girls.



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