Kohvrekhar, along with his clan-brother Ghazhak, was one of Darth Vader's Noghri bodyguards.


After the duel on Cloud City between Vader and Luke Skywalker, the two Noghri were tasked with locating Luke's lost lightsaber and severed hand. After finding both in the possession of a group of Ugnaughts, Vader himself relieved the creatures of their prize and the Noghri accompanied him to Mount Tantiss to deliver the items to Emperor Palpatine.

In 3 ABY, Kohvrekhar was ordered by Vader to shadow Jix, an Imperial spy, to Tatooine in order to ensure Jix's mission was successful. Kohvrekhar and his team were to disguise themselves as Jawa and ensure that Luke Skywalker was kept alive.



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