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"They called him the Depopulator. Because when they dropped him in the middle of an enemy village...he left nothing behind but the buildings. And usually those were burning."
―Leia Organa[src]

Kolar Ludd, nicknamed the Depopulator, was a male member of the Imperial Special Forces, a military unit of the Galactic Empire. The Special Forces would drop Ludd in the middle of an enemy village, where he would kill everyone and set the buildings on fire.[1]

Evetually, Ludd was captured by the Alliance to Restore the Republic, a movement that sought to overthrow the Galactic Empire. The Depopulator was then locked in Sunspot Prison, a secret penitentiary maintained by the Alliance.[1]

At some point between the Battle of Yavin and the Battle of Hoth, Eneb Ray invaded Sunspot Prison and freed seventeen prisoners from their cells, including Ludd to punish the Rebellion he viewed as unwilling to take necessary measures to stop the Empire. Ludd then tried to attack Princess Leia Organa, a prominent leader in the Alliance, who was visiting the penitentiary at the time. Despite his fierce reputation, Ludd was subdued by Organa.[1]


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