"May the oceans bring you pleasure. I am Koll Jovas. These are my companions. May we share your camp?"
―Koll Jovas, to the Heroes of Cularin[src]

Koll Jovas was a male Chagrian, who worked as a bounty hunter during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


Jovas led a group of bounty hunters and during the time of the Clone Wars, they were hired by a member of the Metatheran Cartel to find whoever was responsible for some attacks on Cartel shipping in the Cularin system, and stop them. The attacks had been caused by the Rock Rogues, a pirate group and when the bounty hunters arrived in the Cularin system in their transport, it was shot down by a Rock Rogues CloakShape fighter. The transport crash-landed on the planet Cularin and Jovas and the other bounty hunters climbed out of the wreckage, determined to find the pirates.

Shortly afterward the bounty hunters encountered the Heroes of Cularin, a group of freelance agents who were also investigating the Rock Rogues. Jovas and two other bounty hunters approached the heroes and Jovas introduced himself, while the other bounty hunters hid nearby.