Kollan Xa is a male Advozse who represented the Ccalras Corporation in Mos Eisley around the time of the Battle of Yavin. He wore bright red clothes.

His bodyguard was the Duros Kov Du Derra.

During that time, as part of his work with Ccalras, he and Kov kidnapped Beeyon Nace's lover Eila to help with negotiating. He also had a room at the Lucky Despot.

A group of spacers aiding Nace trailed Du Derra and rescued Eila. However, they later see that she joined with Xa, Du Derra, and Klatooinian thugs to con Nace into reporting on Mos Eisley customs patrols.

Behind the scenesEdit

Kollan Xa appears in in West End Games' 1997 Mos Eisley Adventure Set.

As part of the adventure's conclusion, the book suggests that the characters succeed in driving off Xa and the thugs.