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"I will tell you of Sith weapons, but only if you vow to use them, for nothing displeases me more than to know that a weapon gathers dust."

Komok-Da was a Sith Lord of the old Sith Empire, hailing from the Sith species, and a weapons master. His spirit dwelt in Bo Vanda's holocron along with her spirit, and that of Lord Kla.

He had great knowledge of various weapons, including Sith poison and lightsabers. He seemed to be an academic, not caring who learned his arts. In truth he was obsessed with his weapons, and would only share his knowledge with those who would kill in cold blood for that very purpose. The Sith Lord Kherus, who lived during the era of the reconstituted Sith Empire, was considered a disciple of Komok-Da.

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