Kon'meas Spaceport was the main spaceport on the planet Bal'demnic

Situated a few hundred kilometers south of the Northern Sea, on the planet's primary landmass, it formed the southernmost outskirts of the larger city, nesting on high cliffs overlooking the azure beaches. The city itself was surrounded by high walls, perched among the homes of the elite Kon'me and deforested hills.

The native Kon'me of both the higher and lower classes frequented the spaceport, as well as travelers from neighboring star systems, some hailing from as far as the Core Worlds, though mostly non-Humans.

The spaceport exhibited a shabby and outdated appearance, consisting of modular buildings, prefabricated hangars and warehouses, and illuminated landing pads for both freighters and passenger vessels. Cubicle hotels, dubious tapcafes and dark cantinas lined the streets.

Security of the facility was fairly lax, with Kon'me guards oft found to be sleeping on duty, and the technology antiquated.

After killing his master Darth Tenebrous in 67 BBY, Darth Plagueis traveled hundreds of kilometers on foot to the spaceport, stowing aboard a freighter from Ord Mantell designated the Woebegone to secure passage to Muunilinst.


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