Kon Uuln was a Kel Dor living outside his homeworld of Dorin. He was married and had two children. Kon bought Dorin gas from the captain of the independent freighter named Renegade.

At some point in time the captain of the freighter was delayed for quite some time, and Uuln realized that he had less than two days of breathable atmosphere at home, which could be made to last for another day if his family used their masks. He tried to contact Dorin and ask for help, but sources there could not provide him with atmosphere in less than four days.

Hopeless, Uuln looked for some friends of his that could possibly help, asking them to find the captain and its cargo. These friends discovered that the Renegade was on planet, but her cargo hold was empty and the captain had gone missing. There were several possible explanations: The captain could have been kidnapped and the cargo stolen; a usurer with whom the captain was indebted could have taken both the captain and the cargo; one of Uuln's enemies could have bribed the captain to "disappear" until it was too late; or an oppressive, pro-Human government or faction could have arrested the captain on trumped-up charges in order to to eliminate aliens living on the planet.