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"Konstantine, keep your interdictor cruiser back until I order otherwise."
Grand Admiral Thrawn to Admiral Kassius Konstantine[src]

This Interdictor-class Star Destroyer was captained by the Imperial Admiral Kassius Konstantine during the Battle of Atollon.


In 2 BBY,[5] this Interdictor vessel was present for the Battle of Atollon where it stopped and destroyed a EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate, shortly before being ordered by Grand Admiral Thrawn to stay back and make sure no ships escape. However, when the rebel ship Phoenix Nest made maneuvers to draw out the Interdictor, Admiral Kassius Konstantine ordered his crew to move to intercept against the Grand Admiral's orders. Konstantine's insubordination led to his demise and the destruction of the Interdictor, as Commander Jun Sato changed his ship's course at the last minute and rammed the Phoenix Nest through it, destroying both ships. This allowed Ezra Bridger to escape the blockade and bring back help for the rebels.[3]

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