This article is about the mysterious spiritual leader of the Fellowship of Kooroo. You may be looking for other meanings of the word Kooroo.

Kooroo was the mysterious spiritual leader who commanded the legions of the Fellowship of Kooroo.


Kooroo was thought to have originated on the planet Gelgelar. The existence of Kooroo was a secret imparted only to paying members of the faith.

Kooroo himself supposedly had many shrines built in his honor across the Outer Rim, on worlds including Gelgelar, Boztrok, Sufezz, Branteez, and Vaynai. During the time of the New Order, Kooroo was seen as a figurehead for the Fellowship.

It is unclear if Kooroo was alive during this period, or even real. It is known that the Shrines were built before 20,000 BBY. As many priests of the Fellowship were charlatans, the leadership of Kooroo may have been a fiction created to support the fleecing of pilgrims and a sense of solidarity.

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