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The Korasa Job was the theft of two fake Mandalorian relics that took place on the planet Kamino during the Clone Wars. In about 21 BBY, Republic forces discovered two artifacts on the moon Korasa in the Kamino system and took them to the planet Kamino to be studied at a Jedi Research Facility in Timira City. Though the artifacts were in fact fakes, the Republic specialists at the facility initially believed one of the objects to be the legendary Blade of Beginnings, and word of the find soon leaked to the outside world. The bounty hunter duo Dengar and Latts Razzi set out to steal the artifact for themselves, while the rival bounty trio Boba Fett, Bossk and C-21 Highsinger launched their own attempted heist, hoping to seize the Blade of Beginnings and sell it. Fett and his squad made their way to Korasa and procured some moon dust, a substance that was needed in order to deactivate the blade's cloaking shield, then journeyed to Timira City atop a freighter. There, Fett's team attacked defending Republic clone troopers, just as Dengar and Razzi arrived to commence their own raid, and Fett released a number of pistoeka sabotage droids to distract his foes. Fett and his allies then took the artifacts and fled, while Dengar and Razzi were captured and imprisoned by the Republic. However, Fett was impressed by the skills that his rivals had demonstrated and he began making plans to free the pair from Republic captivity.


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