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Korkie Kryze was a male human who lived on Mandalore during the Clone Wars. A New Mandalorian youth, Kryze was a cadet at the Royal Academy of Government, and was the nephew of Death Watch member Bo-Katan Kryze and Duchess of Mandalore Satine Kryze.


During the Clone Wars, Kryze, along with his friends, Soniee, Amis, and Lagos, attended the Royal Academy of Government on Mandalore.[4] Kryze and his friends met Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano when she came to Mandalore to work at the Academy. After listening to Tano's lesson on corruption, Kryze and his friends decided to investigate the food storage houses to see if there was a food shortage. Inside, Kryze then saw off-worlders speaking with a hooded man and unmarked Mandalorian Security Forces. Kryze and the others then escaped when they were discovered.

Kryze then spoke with his aunt Satine about what he had seen. When she refused to listen, Kryze spoke with Prime Minister Almec, arranging a meeting between him and his friends. Despite Tano's warnings, Kryze and his friends went to the meeting. However, they were met by the unmarked police men, who revealed themselves to be secret service. Kryze and his friends were then surrounded, but were saved by Tano. Kryze then realized that Almec was the hooded man. Fearing that Almec would harm Satine, Kryze and his friends went along with Tano's plan to turn them in to the Prime Minister. When Kryze and his friends surrendered to Almec, Tano pretended to act like she was on Almec's side. Short after that, she met the cadets at their prison cell. Tano instructed them to wait for a signal while she went to rescue the Duchess, only to be captured in the attempt. The cadets soon learned what had happened when they were brought before Almec, arriving to see Tano handcuffed and being held by a guard. Before Almec could shock Kryze, Tano was able to free herself from the guards. Believing this to be the signal she was talking about, Kryze and the other cadets freed themselves and were able to subdue Almec and his guards, and free the Duchess.[2]

Some time later, the Shadow Collective, led by Savage Opress and Darth Maul, took over Mandalore. The planet was thrown into turmoil with hundreds of people being massacred. Kryze, and second aunt Bo-Katan Kryze attempted to free Satine from prison. They successfully freed the Duchess from the cells and transported her outside of the city, where she vitally made communication with Obi-Wan Kenobi. However, when the troops of Maul caught up with the heroes, Kryze was thrown to the ground and ruthlessly hit. Satine was recaptured and taken for execution.[5]



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