Korlen Skimmer was a male Human Podracer prominent at the height of the Galactic Civil War.


A Force-sensitive Human, Korlen Skimmer refused to acknowledge his connection to the Force, leading him to use his abilities recklessly during the Galactic Civil War. Despite the illegality of Podracing during the reign of the Galactic Empire, Skimmer took the scene by storm after winning the Boonta Eve Classic circa 0 BBY. Backed by a Duros benefactor named Calioc, Skimmer was flooded with credits that allowed him to live luxuriously and maintain his Podracer with a crew of droids.[1]

A flamboyant and loud individual, he garnered the attention of the Hutt kajidics and the Empire because of his refusal to throw races. Demeaning him a threat, the Hutts began planning his demise, while the Empire hired bounty hunters to detain him, believing that he might be Force-sensitive. Even Darth Vader himself became curious in Skimmer, decreeing that he and any future successful Human Podracers should be brought before him.[1]

Calioc, fearful to lose on her investment, hired investigators to determine whether the threat to Skimmer's life was serious or hype by competitors. Discovering that a majordomo for a powerful Hutt kajidic had hired several racers to ensure Skimmer suffered an accident in his next race, Skimmer and Calioc refused to drop out of the race for pride and greed respectively.[1]


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