"Got a taste for espionage now, have you? Excellent."
―Kormund Thrylle[src]

Kormund Thrylle was a Rebel spy.


In 1 ABY, Kormund Thrylle was stationed in a tent in Bestine on Tatooine. During his time in Bestine, he tasked a spacer with delivering an important message to Reen Loruk. Imperial Security was searching for Thrylle, so he needed a loyal sympathizer to deliver the message.

The spacer agreed to deliver the message to Reen Loruk, who needed to be informed on Thrylle's mission status. Though the spacer came across an Imperial Probot, he quickly destroyed it, and handed the message over to Loruk.

Thrylle was happy with the spacer's progress, but still had one final task. A soldier of the Alliance needed to collect important Imperial documents from Thrylle, but he needed help escorting the soldier to him. Thrylle was sure that once he handed the datadisc to the Alliance, he could get arrested twice an hour without risking any further information. So the spacer, dedicated to help the Rebellion, agreed to find the soldier, named Rodius Tharn.

Fortunately, the spacer managed to find Tharn, and escorted him back safely to Thrylle. Thrylle was thankful, but had no further work for the spacer.

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Kormund Thrylle is a Non-Player Character (NPC) in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. In the game, players can receive a short series of quests from him.



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