Kortho Hatanga was a male Human cargo hauler and part-time smuggler who was native to the Elrood sector. From a young age, Hatanga hauled cargo across the space lanes of the Elrood sector, and he eventually became the operator of the X46-7 ore carrier Galax Titan. However, during the Galactic Civil War Hatanga was stripped of his captain's license and the majority of his Bureau of Ships and Services permits as a consequence of a drink problem that he had developed. Despite losing his permits, Hatanga agreed to transport the infochant Mikos Argdran and a group of Rebel Alliance agents from the planet Torina to the restricted planet Derilyn, aboard the Galax Titan. En route, the ore carrier was attacked by a group of pirates, but the attackers were forced by the Star Destroyer Thunderflare to retreat and Hatanga reluctantly accepted an offer from Tanda Pryl, the captain of the Thunderflare, to have the Star Destroyer escort the Galax Titan the rest of the way to Derilyn.

Personality and traitsEdit

Kortho Hatanga was a hard-drinking, grizzled space dog, who had fierce eyes and gaunt features. Hatanga was coarse and gruff, and he advocated the application of The Code of the Stars, an old-fashioned systems of ethics.