This article is about the type of tea. You may be looking for the Imperial Captain Kosh or Admiral Kosh Teradoc.
"Would you care for some tea while you determine my next chore? I have checked the kitchen stores, and can offer you a choice of Manellan Jasper, Kosh, Bluefruit Kintle…"
―P-RC3, to Atour Riten[src]

Kosh was a type of tea available in the galaxy by 0 BBY. Some Kosh was among the kitchen stores aboard the Death Star battlestation. On one occasion, librarian droid P-RC3 inquired if Human Chief Librarian Atour Riten wanted some tea, offering him a choice of Kosh, Manellan Jasper, and Bluefruit Kintle.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Kosh was mentioned in Death Star, a 2007 novel by Michael Reaves and Steve Perry. It was not revealed which one of the offered types of tea, if any, Riten chose.


Notes and referencesEdit

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