Kossak the Younger was a Hutt, who lived during the time of the Galactic Republic, about 700 years before the Battle of Yavin.


Kossak believed that he was descended from Kossak the Mighty, a Hutt general who had fought against Xim the Despot thousands of years earlier. However, Kossak had no evidence to prove any relationship between him and the general, so he commissioned the Hutt playwright Direus'pei to compose a work based on Kossak the Mighty, and in it have the general make references to "a future nephew" of his. Kossak the Younger hoped that this would develop into a myth over time and seemingly confirm his decent from the Kossak the Mighty.

Direus'pei worked on the project for a long time and eventually, Kossak lost patience with the playwright. He seized the uncompleted play and ordered Direus'pei to perform it in his court. However, Kossak was driven into a rage by the performance, which made no allusion to Kossak's supposed decent from the general, and portrayed Kossak the Mighty as a buffoon. Direus'pei had ignored history and written the play to serve as a criticism of the Hutt's subjugation of the Evocii species. An outraged Kossak immediately ordered Direus'pei and all copies of the play to be consumed by Maltorran protoplasm, destroying them.

Direus'pei's scribe Ro Vacca escaped with a draft of the play and circulated it, inspiring a number of the Hutt's client species to rise up against their masters. The rebellion was soon crushed and for his role in inciting it, Kossak was condemned by the Hutt Grand Council to death by acid transfusion. To remind other Hutts of the consequences of over-embellishing their genealogy, jars of Kossak's goo were put on a rotating display in the main terminal of Qedriga spaceport, on the planet Nal Hutta.