"Mother liked being regent after father's death, and she and my uncle did not get along."
Adan Dooku speaks about his family to Bail Prestor Organa[src]

Kostanza Dooku was a female Human from the planet Serenno. She belonged to one of the Great Houses, the six wealthiest noble families on her homeworld.[2] She married the Count of House Dooku, brother to the famed Jedi Master Dooku. When her husband died, Kostanza Dooku served as regent over their House. She was to hold this position until her son, Adan Dooku, came of age. Circa 32 BBY, however, her brother-in-law resigned his position within the Jedi Order and claimed his family title as Count.[1]

Fleeing to the planet of Alderaan, Kostanza lived there with her son until the elder Dooku was killed during the Clone Wars. Now of age, Adan took up his uncle's mantle and ruled as Count of Serenno until he was assassinated by the Galactic Empire in 3 BBY.[1]

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In Agent of the Empire—Hard Targets, Part 2, Kostanza was mistakenly referred to as the mother of Bron Dooku—while she was in fact his grandmother.[2]


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