This article is about the Selkath judge. You may be looking for Rahm Kota, a former Jedi General.
«I find this great battle being waged across the galaxy both disturbing and, ultimately, tragic.»
―Kota's thoughts on the Jedi Civil War[src]

Kota was a male Selkath who lived during the Jedi Civil War. He was a judge on the Ahto City Civil Authority court. Despite Manaan's strict neutrality policy, Kota in his personal view was an avid defender of the Galactic Republic. Kota saw the Sith Empire as evil and the Republic as an institution that could not afford to fall. Compared to his fellow judges, he was perhaps the one who was most aligned with the Republic, as he would often speak against the Sith diplomat, who constantly jumped from one conviction to another, and when he threatened the Rodian Gluupor, during the case of Sunry vs. the Ahto City Authority.

Kota's view was justified when Revan brought a Sith datapad detailing their plan to take over Manaan, as evidence of Sith treachery.


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