Kote kyram

A kote ky'ram

The kote ky'ram, also known as the Mandalorian death ceremony, was a ritual performed by the Mandalorian culture for warriors who died with the highest honor. The term meant "glory death" in Mando'a, and was typically reserved for warriors who fell to Jedi or faced impossible odds. The ritual saw the fallen's body burned on an elevated pyre so that their spirit could join those of other Mandalorian heroes, while clan members shouted war cries and tales of the warrior's deeds to the sky before beginning a night of drunken celebration and feasting. By the time of the Galactic War, the only non-Mandalorian to receive the honor was the Sith Lord Raze, who died while single-handedly rescuing a Mandalorian clan from twenty Jedi on Dantooine.