"Roughnecks is a good name for Kothal. Don't they have that beast of a fullback?"
―Zare Leonis regarding the composition of the Kothal Roughnecks team[src]

The Kothal Roughnecks were a grav-ball team based in the city of Kothal on Lothal. Approximately six years before the Battle of Yavin, the team put a strong performance in its league and was a candidate to be league champion. The team boasted a powerful fullback in Targol and an Aqualish wing striker named Horst Prajil who despite his size was nevertheless quite speedy. Despite this, Zare Leonis and Merei Spanjaf, players of the AppSci SaberCats team that was also playing for the league championship, felt they had detected a weakness in the team's style of play, a way in which they could tire out the team's center striker. While the Roughnecks put in a strong early showing, the SaberCats were able to rally by using this strategy. Ultimately, they won in a carefully coordinated margin of six points, as Leonis wished to stymie athletic director Janus Fhurek, who had placed a large bet on the SaberCats to win by at least eight points.[1]


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