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The Kothlis shadowport was a shadowport located on the second moon of the planet Kothlis that offered limited starport services to smugglers and pirates. It was administered and maintained by the former pirate Rithgar.

Available facilitiesEdit

The docking bays consisted of a series of excavated, enlarged, and reinforced craters, in which freighters and starfighters could land. Electromagnetic countermeasure camo-netting was available in storage bunkers near crater rims, by which the contents of craters could be made hidden. The crater bays were connected by a series of tunnels linking surface entrances and underground chambers.

Larger bulk freighters and pirate corvettes were forced to land outside the bounds of the security of the craters, in nearby clearings.

Docking facilities were available for free, but Rithgar expected crews to leave behind an adequate share of supplies and any spare starship parts. Some abandoned and scrapped ships were available for salvage for those willing to buy the rights to them.

Several caves were excavated and furnished, and were provided to visiting smugglers free of charge. One particular cavern served as Rithgar's personal quarters, in which plunder from his pirating days was stored. A few well-stocked, stacked crates formed a bar. Rithgar's chambers also connected to a small command area, in which the controls for the base reactor, sensor suite, and communications systems were kept.

The only defenses the shadowport had were outdated sensor pods around the perimeter.


The second moon of Kothlis was once used as a military training ground and ordnance testing facility for the Bothan Militia before the formation of the Galactic Empire in 19 BBY. The craters left from turbolaser blasts and proton torpedo explosions were opportune for smugglers and pirates looking to dock their starships in a somewhat protected and isolated area on the abandoned moon.

In 3 ABY, the shadowport was evacuated due to the appearance of a Super-class Star Destroyer in nearby space.