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"If you value that creature's life, you should tell it to never again do that in my presence."
Darth Vader, regarding the manners of Salacious Crumb[src]

Kowakian monkey-lizards were a small race of reptilian creatures used by members of the underworld as pets. Both Hondo Ohnaka[4] and Jabba Desilijic Tiure owned Kowakian monkey-lizards.[5]


Mukmuk crawl

Pilf Mukmuk, a red Kowakian monkey-lizard

Impish creatures hailing from planet Kowak, Kowakian monkey lizards were known for their shrill laughter and sophisticated senses of humor. A notable Kowakian monkey-lizard was Salacious B. Crumb, who served as court jester in Jabba's Palace during the reign of the Galactic Empire.[8]


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