"Tall fellow. Big teeth."
Jolee Bindo on Kraat.[src]

A Dimean warlord, Kraat led the Dimean fleet in various raids across the galaxy. His reign of terror came to an end when he captured two Jedi Knights, Jolee Bindo and Andor Vex. Vex demanded their freedom, boasting a "strong reputation" over all the Dimeans, which only angered Kraat. Seizing Vex by the throat, he hurled the Jedi into the nearest reactor shaft. Unfortunately for Kraat and the Dimeans, however, Vex was exceptionally strong in the Force, and falling into a reactor shaft caused a chain reaction which unleashed powerful currents of Force energy. The shockwaves not only tore apart Kraat's ship, but the entire Dimean fleet. Kraat and everyone onboard his flagship perished except for Jolee Bindo, who barely escaped with his life.


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