"Bantha poodoo."
―Kraid Nemmeso[src]

Kraid Nemmeso was a male Ghishi Podracer pilot. While the Ghishi were regarded as a warrior race, Nemmeso was deemed too thin and out of shape to participate in combat, and as such Nemmeso took to Podracing instead, using his bulky Podracer to destroy the competition. While piloting his Vesper Dux Ultra-3 Podracer, Kraid Nemmeso was the track favorite of the Gamorr track Ruins of Carnuss Gorgull.[1]

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He can be found in the game Star Wars: Racer Revenge and unlocked after beating him on his preferred track, the "Ruins of Carnuss Gorgull."[1] The name Kraid Nemmeso is possibly an anagram for Mark DeSimone,[source?] president and technical director of Rainbow Studios, where Star Wars: Racer Revenge was developed.



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