Krakana's Maw, sometimes known as The Maw Range, was a range of mountains on the planet Lamaredd. The highest peak in the range was known as Mt. Hugo and the seat of the Bartyn mansion.

In a certain point of the Maw, there was an open ventilation shaft, which led to the inside of ORO Mining Station LM0228. This tunnel was discovered by the Menahuun and used to sneak into the mines.

Around 36 BBY, Administrator Guther Bartyn was hunting and, following a krugga deer, reached the Maw; once there, he was attacked by defenses of the mines. Bartyn assumed that a number of outlaws were hiding in the mountains.

Some time around 29 BBY, two escorts working for Miss Mylla's Saloon disappeared in the lowlands of the Maw along with their customer. Miss Mylla recognized that, while she was worried, this situation had happened before.