"That's a dead system.On the edge of Imperial space."
―Aryn Leneer[src]

The Kravos system was a dead system on the edge of Imperial space. The system was filled with ionized gas, due to a partially dispersed accretion disk. An orange-colored gas giant formed nearby.


Zeerid Korr went there with Aryn Leneer while trying to get to Imperial held Coruscant. Their plan was to jump into and out of hyperspace milliseconds after an Imperial convoy on its way to Coruscant would, that way they arrive near Coruscant and wouldn't show up on sensors. They could then latch onto it via an electromagnetic clamp, so they could sneak into Coruscant. After a medical transport and cruiser passed through and several more hours of waiting, the convoy appeared. They waited for it to skim some hydrogen from the area, and then they got into a formation they used for hyperspace. Aryn used the force to slow down her perception, allowing her to time the jump just right.

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