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Krayt dragons were large creatures that could be found on Tatooine, a desert planet in the Outer Rim region of the galaxy.

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Biology and appearanceEdit


A greater krayt dragon skeleton

Krayt dragons were four legged reptiles native to the planet Tatooine, and had brown skin and yellow eyes. Their head was covered with a multitude of horns.[2] The cry of a Krayt dragon was enough to ward off Tusken Raiders, a primitive culture also indigenous to the sands of Tatooine. One Krayt dragon was known to live the Laguna Caves on Tatooine, in which rescue teams for the Boonta Eve Classic did not dare to go.[3][4]

Krayt dragons were commonly known for their pearls, bodily concentrations that were considered to be highly valuable.[5]

Feeding HabitsEdit

Krayt dragons fed mainly on banthas, but sometimes also fed on wanderers foolish enough to tread near their caves.[source?]



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