"They do have Leth's new war droids in production, sir—the SD-10's."
"I know, Mordi. I need those droids to smash the Rebels…that's why I don't simply wipe out Beltane…and his planet!"
―Krdys Mordi and Sedriss QL, during the battle of Balmorra[src]

Krdys Mordi was a male Human Dark Jedi serving the reborn Galactic Emperor Palpatine as part of his selected cadre of darksiders, the Dark Side Elite. In 10 ABY, after the Emperor's latest death, Mordi participated in the subsequent Operation Shadow Hand, accompanying the leader of the Elite, Executor Sedriss QL during the subjugation efforts of the rebellious world of Balmorra. When the Emperor came back in a clone body once again and sought to capture Jedi Luke Skywalker and his sister Leia Organa Solo's children, Mordi participated in a mission to the planet New Alderaan with the purpose of abducting them. Alongside Palpatine's second in command Tedryn-Sha, Mordi tried to poison Skywalker and capture him, but the Jedi Master received assistance from his sister and Jedi trainee Jem Ysanna. Ysanna killed Mordi, slicing his body in half with a lightsaber.


Operation Shadow HandEdit

"The fool has thrown everything at us. The trap is sprung—! Pull back the troops, Mordi."
"Gladly, Sedriss."
―Krdys Mordi and Sedriss QL, during the battle of Balmorra[src]
Beltane Sedriss

Mordi, Sedriss and Goir contact Beltane.

Krdys Mordi was a male Human Dark Jedi in service of the Galactic Emperor Palpatine,[3] who was reborn in a clone body[4] after his death at the Battle of Endor[5] and ruled his Dark Empire from the Deep Core world of Byss.[4] During this time, Palpatine established the Dark Side Elite, an elite cadre of seven Dark Jedi, empowered with the dark side of the Force by the Emperor himself; a group that Mordi became a member of.[3] In 10 ABY,[1] Palpatine died again during a battle with the Jedi Luke Skywalker and his sister Leia Organa Solo near the New Republic's Pinnacle Base.[6] In accordance with Palpatine's will, the leader of the Dark Side Elite, Executor Sedriss QL, took command of the Imperial forces and launched Operation Shadow Hand, a series of strikes meant to place neutral planets under Imperial rule.[3]

One of the targets of Sedriss' campaign was the factory world of Balmorra. After the death of the Emperor, the ruler of the planet, Governor Hinch Beltane, had allied with the New Republic, necessitating Imperial intervention.[3] As one of Sedriss' sergeants at arms,[7] Mordi accompanied the Executor alongside fellow Dark Jedi Vill Goir aboard the Star Destroyer Avenger to Balmorra, joining an Imperial fleet already assembled there. Sedriss offered Beltane a chance to surrender his operations to the Empire and face execution, lest Sedriss would launch a full-scale invasion of the planet. Mordi reminded Sedriss that Balmorran factories were currently producing the new SD-10 battle droid model, which outmatched the Empire's outdated SD-9's model.[3]

However, Sedriss had developed a strategy to defeat Beltane, launching ground troops under the command of Captain Maximilian Veers. When Balmorran droids fully engaged Sedriss' invasion troops, the Executor asked Mordi to pull back the Empire's forces and launched his secret weapon, the new highly advanced Shadow Droids. The droids temporarily turned the tide of the battle in favor of the Empire; however, Beltane had a trick up his sleeve of his own. He launched the newly-developed X-1 Viper Automatons at the invasion force; amazed at the firepower of Beltane's creation, Sedriss contacted the Governor and acknowledged his victory. Mordi and Goir disagreed with that decision, believing that Sedriss should have simply ordered his fleet to initiate an orbital bombardment. However, Sedriss wanted to obtain the X-1 droids for himself before attempting any punishing actions against Beltane, and he negotiated a deal to buy the droids from Beltane, before his fleet departed Balmorra.[3]

New AlderaanEdit

"The poison will work quickly. Take him, Mordi."
"Yes, Tedryn."
―Mordi and Tedryn-Sha, trying to capture Luke Skywalker[src]

Mordi on New Alderaan

In the meantime, some Dark Side Adepts on Byss began spreading rumors that Palpatine was gone forever and would not take another clone body. In order to confront those traitors, Sedriss returned to Byss. Mordi accompanied him there, alongside three other members of the Elite, arriving in I-7 Howlrunner starships to the Emperor's Citadel. On Byss, Sedriss executed the traitors Nefta and Sa-Di and witnessed the rebirth of Palpatine in his final available clone body.[3] The Emperor took control of the Empire once again and successfully destroyed the New Republic's Pinnacle Base base with his new superweapon, the Galaxy Gun,[8] forcing the New Republic to retreat to the secret sanctuary world where Organa Solo was hiding her children, whom the Emperor wanted to capture and turn to the dark side.[2]

Discovering the name of the hidden planet, New Alderaan, as well as its coordinates, from the captured New Republic Major Ntthan, Palpatine sent the Dark Side Elite there under the command of the new Executor Xecr Nist,[2] as Sedriss had been recently killed in battle with Skywalker.[9] Mordi and the other darksiders boarded their I-7 Howlrunners and departed from the Elite's headquarters of Bast Castle on the planet Vjun[2] as Dark Side Squadron.[10]

Upon arrival on New Alderaan, the Dark Side Elite split up. Nist took four Dark Jedi and went to abduct the Solo twins, while Mordi was dispatched alongside Palpatine's second in command Tedryn-Sha to confront Skywalker himself. Mordi and Sha were instructed to incapacitate Skywalker with specialized scarab droids while he was asleep so that he could be taken captive. The scarab droids administered a powerful poison into the Jedi's system. However, in his delirium, Skywalker let out a loud scream, which alerted Organa Solo and one of his aspiring Jedi, Jem Ysanna. The two women rushed to Skywalker help, and Ysanna immediately killed Mordi by slicing him across the torso with her lightsaber. Sha killed her in response with a blaster shot, but was himself slain by Organa Solo. Skywalker was then healed from the effects of the poison by the elderly Jedi Vima-Da-Boda.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

"By the dark side, Tedryn—more Jedi! But they are only women!'"
―Krdys Mordi[src]

Mordi was a Dark Jedi loyal to Palpatine and his Dark Empire. During the battle on Balmorra, Mordi believed that Sedriss should have responded to Beltane's defiance by bombarding the planet.[3] On New Alderaan, Mordi was unimpressed with Skywalker after seeing him asleep.[10] He later underestimated Ysanna and Organa Solo, based on the single fact that they were women; a mistake that led to his demise.[2] Mordi wore glasses and carried a staff.[3]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Mordi was a Dark Jedi, a member of the Dark Side Elite, empowered with the dark side by Palpatine himself,[3] which reflected in the distinctive yellow glow of his eyes.[2] He flew an I-7 Howlrunner[2] as part of Dark Side Squadron.[10]

Behind the scenesEdit

Mordi first appeared in the 1995 Dark Horse comic book Dark Empire II 1: Operation Shadow Hand, written by Tom Veitch and illustrated by Cam Kennedy.[3] The character reappeared in the final issue of the Dark Empire II series, in which he was provided with the first name "Krdys" and was ultimately killed off.[2] Mordi was originally set to debut in Veitch's proposed short novel Lightsider which would have taken place before Dark Empire II and would have introduced the Dark Side Elite. However, Lightsider was never published.[11]

In the audio drama adaptation of Dark Empire, Mordi is not present during the invasion of Balmorra. During the events on New Alderaan, he has a brief exchange of dialogue with Jem Ysanna, challenging her to a fight.[10] In the original comic, Mordi is killed immediately after the women rush to Skywalker's aid.[2] The comic guide Handbook 3: Dark Empire states that Mordi underwent the initiation into the Dark Side Elite alongside Xecr Nist, an event depicted in the fourth issue of the comic series. This is an error, as it was Tedryn-Sha who was the subject of the initiation.


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