Kre'fey was the name of a white-furred Bothan family which indirectly involved Borsk Fey'lya, the Chief of State of the New Republic, and three other known military Bothans that served in the New Republic Defense Force and the Galactic Alliance Defense Force. They belonged to Clan Afey.

Family treeEdit

                      Laryn Kre'fey--+--Unknown female
                              +-----------------+            Fey'lya family
                              |                 |                   |
    Unknown female--+--Unknown Male Kre'fey   Unknown Female Kre'fey--+--Unknown Male Fey'lya
                    |                                     |
         +----------+-----+                               |
         |                |                               |
    Karka Kre'fey   Traest Kre'fey                   Borsk Fey'lya