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"You can call me the Gamemaster. Before we're through, I expect you'll think of a few other things to call me."
―Kreel, as the gamemaster, to Luke Skywalker[src]

Sergeant Kreel, designated Agent 5241, was an undercover stormtrooper and SCAR trooper of the Galactic Empire, serving in the 501st Legion under the direct command of Darth Vader. He operated as the gamemaster in Grakkus the Hutt's arena on Nar Shaddaa. He was tasked with training new candidates to fight in the arena, including Luke Skywalker. During Skywalker's arena fight with Kongo the Disemboweler, Agent 5241 contacted the Empire to inform them that Skywalker was on Nar Shaddaa.


Age of the EmpireEdit

Kreel was born on Chagar IX. When he was four, Kreel watched a man die. It made him cry like a baby for a dozen more times. Two years later, Kreel watched his own father being murdered in front of him, but he did not cry. His mother is also said to have died in the arenas. He then started to kill people and worked in the fighting pits. Kreel made the fighting pits his way of life in order to survive. Later, Kreel first saw the beautiful sight of the Galactic Empire's stormtroopers. After the Empire toppled Chagar IX's warlords and shut down the fighting pits, Kreel and his people were given jobs, a sense of purpose, and peace. When he was old enough, Kreel joined the Stormtrooper Corps.[1]

He then went to the Imperial Academy, where he became friends with a ranger named Izak Anzio of Agamar. During their first mission together, Izak was killed by the Rebels' mortars before their transport landed. Kreel then killed every Rebel he could find that day and continued doing so.[1] Kreel eventually became a stormtrooper sergeant in the 501st Legion.[4]

Infiltrating Grakkus's PalaceEdit

He was then recruited by the Sith Lord, Darth Vader for a deep undercover assignment;[1] to infiltrate Grakkus the Hutt's palace on Nar Shaddaa.[5] He posed as one of Grakkus's greatest fighting slaves that he had bought. In his role, Kreel trained Wookiees, lizard men and space pirates to fight in the arena for Grakkus and his audience.[4] He called himself "Gamemaster".[2]

He was then given Luke Skywalker to train for Grakkus's games. Along with the MagnaGuards, Kreel taught Skywalker how to fight. Kreel then spoke with Grakkus and watched as the MagnaGuards fought Skywalker. He was then shown the beast that Skywalker would face.[2] Kreel then took Skywalker to the arena to fight Kongo the Disemboweler. Kreel then contacted a group of TIE/ln space superiority starfighter, informing them that Skywalker was there.[4]

Kreel then triggered Kongo's Shock collar and then took out Grakkus's MagnaGuards using a lightsaber. He then arrested Grakkus, telling him that his arena was closed. He was then joined by several of the TIE pilots who surrounded Skywalker. However, as they were taking Grakkus and Skywalker, Grakkus initiated E.M.P. that disabled Kreel's and the TIE pilots guns. Kreel then drew his lightsaber as Kongo was revived. Kreel then attempted to subdue Skywalker but was attacked by Grakkus. He then ordered the pilots and stormtroopers to capture Skywalker and his allies. Kreel then spoke with Vader about Skywalker as he showed the Sith Lord Grakkus' collection of Jedi artifacts.[5]

Task Force 99Edit

SW19 Kreel squad

Kreel leads the elite stormtrooper group known as Task Force 99.

Kreel was then given command of a SCAR trooper squad, Task Force 99.[1] Kreel and the squad then went to Sunspot Prison to find Kolar Ludd. Kreel and his squad was then given a new assignment.[6] Kreel then took the squad to the Ghost Moon. There, they were able to shoot down the the Rebels' Taylander shuttle. He and his Squad then killed of the rebel forces. Kreel was then able to destroy a tank with his lightsaber. Kreel and his squad then captured and interrogated Admiral Verette.[1]

Kreel and his squad then had Verette tied to his shuttle and sent it to the captured Star Destroyer Harbinger as distraction. Kreel and his SCAR troopers then boarded the Harbinger to retake it.[8] Kreel then fought and dueled Skywalker. Kreel then confirmed to Skywalker that he was the Gamemaster from Grakkus's arena.[9] Kreel was then contacted by Lord Vader and was warned not to injure Luke Skywalker.[10]

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