Kreetan Narrows

The Kreetan Narrows and Hutt Space.

The Kreetan Narrows were a historical region of the Outer Rim Territories. It included the Periphery, the Iotran Expanse and star systems such as Kessel, Honoghr and Nar Kreeta.

Originally, the Kreetan Narrows represented the northern part of Hutt Space. At the end of the Clone Wars, Hutt Space was substantially reduced by the Galactic Empire, but the Kreetan Narrows remained under Hutt control. In the months following the Declaration of a New Order, the surrounding regions were the site of important Separatist activity. After their defeat at the Battle of Trasemene, the Separatists retreated to the Kreetan Narrows, but were followed by the Imperial forces who annexed the region. The Kreetan Narrows were split and shared between five Imperial sectors: the Suolriep, Tharin, Calaron, Kessel and Bheriz sectors.


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