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Krennic's DT-29 heavy blaster pistol was the DT-29 heavy blaster pistol used by Director Orson Krennic. A non-regulation weapon, Krennic's DT-29 was custom-fitted with a macroscope.[1] Though Krennic rarely had the need to use the weapon, always being surrounded by his personal retinue of death troopers, it was always kept holstered by his side. Like all DT-29s, Krennic's sacrificed accuracy and range for sheer brute firepower at close range. Krennic used it to injure the rebel commando Cassian Andor and later attempted to kill Jyn Erso, but was shot from behind by Andor before he could pull the trigger. The blaster, and Krennic, were subsequently destroyed when the Death Star fired on their location with its superlaser.

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