The Kressh family was a family of Sith Purebloods who served as Sith Lords in the histories of the original and the reformed Sith Empires. Their most prominent member was Ludo Kressh, who was known for his conservatism and being a bitter rival of Naga Sadow over which of them would succeed the previous Dark Lord Marka Ragnos. Kressh would lose the competition; however, he faked his death in a battle with Sadow's forces in order to regroup his own power base. Later, while Sadow was away fighting the forces of the Galactic Republic and the Jedi in the Great Hyperspace War, Kressh would gather his strength and when Sadow returned to the Empire defeated, he revealed himself, declaring that he was the new Dark Lord and attempted to banish Sadow permanently from the Empire. However, Kressh would be killed for real in the stars over Korriban, when Sadow sent one of his dying ships on a suicide run into Kressh's.

That was the end of Ludo, but not of the Kressh bloodline. Ludo had at least one child, a son named Elcho, also called Kressh the Younger, who was safely hidden away on a remote planet. Elcho eventually attempted to get revenge on the Republic and the Jedi by assembling a ad hoc force of mercenaries and pirates to serve as a invasion force; however, he died from a ruptured stomach after heavily drinking before he could put it to use.

There were other descendants of Ludo who came to serve the Sith Emperor's reformed Empire, the most famous being the Emperor's apprentice Exal Kressh, who became disillusioned with the Emperor, and attempted to betray him. Before her betrayal, the Kressh name was considered one of the Empire's noblest, as its scions over the generations were thought great champions of the Sith cause. Exal tried to sabotage the Emperor's Children project, but failed and was killed.

Afterwards, the Emperor, in retaliation for her betrayal, declared that the very name of Kressh was an abomination and ordered all evidence of the family line throughout the Empire to be eliminated, with the Kressh family totally obliterated from the entire history and fabric of the Empire, in the hope that the relatives of his renegade apprentice would never again oppose him. Despite that order, the Kressh name and line continued to survive, and still produced rebellious Lords and scions well into the Empire's future.


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