"Greetings travelers! Well this is a welcome development, having you all drop in on us today."
―Krix Swiftshadow[src]

Krix Swiftshadow was a human male that lived during the Galactic Civil War.


"I was just saying to my new friends here how boring this place had become since we launched the last of the excess crew into space. And then you arrive to brighten my day."
―Krix Swiftshadow[src]

Sometime following the Battle of Yavin in 0 BBY, a Human male by the name of Krix Swiftshadow was present on the Blackguard, an Imperial-class Star Destroyer that was captured by the rogue Imperial Captain—and self-proclaimed Grand AdmiralAndal Sait. Sait had the intention of selling the vessel to the criminal organization Black Sun, of which Swiftshadow himself was a member. However, before these plans could come to fruition, a team of spacers boarded the Star Destroyer, and killed Swiftshadow after an intense battle against him and nine Stormtrooper Grenadiers loyal to Andal Sait.

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